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The Medical Professionalism Blog

Monthly Archives: July, 2011

Will We Be Bold Enough?

The 150 individuals assembling at the 2011 ABIM Foundation Forum: Choosing Wisely: The Responsibility of Physicians, Patients and the Health Care Community in Building a Sustainable System are sure to have lots of excellent ideas about how to design a system that is affordable, without overuse, misuse and underuse.

“Nothing About Me Without Me” – What Patients and Students Have To Say

At the end of July, 150 national health leaders will assemble for the annual ABIM Foundation Forum to discuss the economic sustainability of the health care system, and the respective and joint responsibilities of physicians, patients and the health care community. I reflect with a deep sense of awe and gratitude on the important participants […]

From Conversations on the Sustainability of Health Care to Bold Actions

“Transformation occurs when leaders focus on the structure of how we gather and the context in which gatherings take place. Each gathering needs to become an example of the future we want to create. The small group is the unit of transformation… Peer-to-peer interaction is where most learning takes place; it is the fertile earth […]

Population-Based Medicine: Lessons Learned from “My EKG”

In March 2011, mere weeks after the launch of The Medical Professionalism Blog, I wrote a personal account of a baseline EKG I received from my former primary care physician. Based on my knowledge of national guidelines, I felt it was an unnecessary test. I asked my readers to share similar experiences of unwanted tests […]

Part-Time Women

In a recent op-ed in The New York Times, Dr. Karen S. Sibert opines that female physicians working part-time are contributing to a physician shortage and are “not making full use of their training” and the societal resources invested in medical education and residency.  She also has the following message for current and aspiring female […]