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The Medical Professionalism Blog

Monthly Archives: September, 2011

Introducing the 2011 Putting the Charter into Practice Grantees

The ABIM Foundation’s Putting the Charter into Practice (PCIP) program, a partnership with the Council of Medical Specialty Societies, provides grants every two years to organizations to advance the principles and commitments of the Physician Charter. For our last round of grants in 2009, projects addressed a wide variety of professionalism issues. In 2011, we […]

Unnecessary EKGs – The Heart of the Matter

Sharon Begley’s cover story in the August 22nd edition of Newsweek begins with an anecdote about my own refusal for an EKG: “Dr. Stephen Smith…tells his doctor not to order…an annual electrocardiogram to screen for heart abnormalities….” To clarify, I didn’t object the first time an EKG was ordered by my primary care doctor, but […]

You Say Consumer, I Say Patient: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

There has been a long debate among health care policy wonks, thought leaders, patient and consumer advocates, and the public about the use of the word “consumer” versus “patient.” Similar debates have ensued about the use of “provider” when referring to physicians, hospitals and other clinicians. I recently heard an interesting exchange between a physician […]

Experience Trumps Policy in Changing Our Health Care Beliefs

Every day in the U.S. countless experts discuss plans and policies to contain the cost of health care using words and concepts that run counter to our (the public’s) experiences with finding and using care. Most of us ignore the steady stream of proposals until one political party or the other crafts an inflammatory meme […]