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The Medical Professionalism Blog

Monthly Archives: October, 2011

Compassionate Care Requires Compassionate Systems

In the article, “An Agenda For Improving Compassionate Care: A Survey Shows About Half of Patients Say Such Care Is Missing,” published in Health Affairs (September 2011, Vol. 30 No. 9), Beth Lowen et al. make a good case for the connection between compassionate care and quality outcomes and patient experiences. The authors also conclude […]

A Milestone on K Street

The October 19 Health Affairs briefing entitled “Saving Medicare Dollars and Improving Care,” sponsored by the ABIM Foundation and other funders, was a watershed moment in which ideas that would require less spending on health care that would actually improve care for patients were discussed on K Street. This is a great message for patients and, it so happens, for the super committee deliberations a […]

Another Unintended Consequence of Clinical Performance Measures?

I highly recommend reading the “Less is More”  series in the Archives of Internal Medicine edited by Rita Redberg if you have not already done so. A recent article by Brenda Sirovich, et al, entitled “Too Little? Too Much? Primary Care Physicians’ Views on U.S. Health Care” included the results of a survey of primary […]

Less is More But Will Patients Buy It?

The September 12th issue of Modern Healthcare reports on Thomson Reuters’ study of the 100 Top Hospitals that analyzes the relationship of financial performance and quality. Like results from other studies, higher quality was associated with lower costs – the “less equals more” drum beat continues.