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The Medical Professionalism Blog

Monthly Archives: November, 2011

Putting the Charter into Practice Grantee: Costs of Care

This is the first in a series of posts written by the ABIM’s Foundation’s Putting the Charter into Practice grantees, which describes their motivation to pursue projects related to stewardship of resources. As a medical student, I heard murmurs in hospital wards about certain services being expensive or potentially uncovered. But I never imagined how […]

Physicians and the Ethical Dilemma of Federal Cuts to Health Care

In about two weeks, we’ll know whether Congress’ 12-member bipartisan “Super Committee” has succeeded. If it can’t find $1.2 trillion in federal deficit reductions over the next decade, we face reductions of the same magnitude as across-the-board cuts. Either way, we can expect federal funding cuts to impact value decisions at every level of health […]

The Media’s Role in Educating Patients About MRI Overuse

This article is being reposted courtesy of  KevinMD.com. Thankfully, there have been more news stories recently illustrating the overuse of tests. Specifically with cancer screening, the PSA test and mammograms have come under increasing scrutiny. I think this type of media attention is long overdue, as the public needs to be aware of the potential […]