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The Medical Professionalism Blog

Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Extremist Proposal Shocks the Medical Establishment

I suspect many were shocked, even disturbed, upon reading the article, Professionalism, the Invisible Hand, and a Necessary Reconfiguration of Medical Education by distinguished professor of medical education at Mayo Clinic, Fred Hafferty, and his two colleagues, Drs. Brennan and Pawlina. In the article, the authors call for all medical students to achieve competency in […]

Trying to Make Professionalism Real And Parsimonious

There has been a lot of both positive and negative reaction by physicians and others to the recently released American College of Physicians (ACP) Ethics Manual that states: “Physicians have a responsibility to practice effective and efficient health care and to use health care resources responsibly. Parsimonious care that utilizes the most efficient means to […]

Putting the Charter into Practice Grantee: American College of Physicians Center for Ethics and Professionalism

This is the final entry in a series of posts written by the ABIM Foundation’s Putting the Charter into Practice grantees, which describes their motivation to pursue projects related to stewardship of resources. The ACP Ethics, Professionalism and Human Rights Committee recently completed the sixth edition of the ACP Ethics Manual, published in the Annals […]

Healthy as a Horse No More: My Recent Patient Experience

I knew that I would come to rue the day I wrote my post on my EKG claiming I was a healthy individual with no apparent illnesses. On November 3, I had my first surgery in 40 years – a procedure for a detached retina (vitrectomy with a scleral buckle and pneumatic retinopexy; I read […]

Medical Professionalism in 2011

As we celebrate the arrival of 2012, I’d like to take a moment and reflect on the ABIM Foundation’s accomplishments in advancing professionalism over the past year: