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The Medical Professionalism Blog

Monthly Archives: June, 2012

Recommended Reading June 23 – 29

This week saw the publication of a number of articles and blog posts related to key issues in medical professionalism. Our roundup includes: Can medical professionalism be taught? A blog post from the Canadian Medical Association Journal examines the question. In the most recent issue of Academic Medicine, Lucian Leape, MD and colleagues discuss how […]

Choosing Wisely®: Reports from the Field – Culture or Accounting?

Since the launch of the Choosing Wisely campaign in April, I’ve received interest from a number of health care systems that want to learn more about the effort. They typically fall in to two camps: One group sees the importance of attitudinal and cultural change. They see the power of conversations between patients and physicians […]

Recommended Reading June 16 – 22

This week’s Recommended Reading features more coverage of the Choosing Wisely® campaign, plus results from an ABIM Foundation Putting the Charter into Practice project. The American Geriatrics Society is now accepting submissions for its Choosing Wisely list; they have provided an initial list of suggested recommendations to spark discussion. Suggestions are due July 6. A […]

Choosing Wisely: Leadership and Collaborations

I recently spent time in Washington, DC speaking to leaders in performance measurement organizations, a Federal government department and agency (one focused on evidence, research and innovation; the other focused on employee benefit packages) and trade associations connected to payers about the Choosing Wisely® campaign and our Primary Care Practice Initiative. What I heard from […]

We Need to Know What Physicians Are Thinking

This guest post is written by Robert H. Brook, MD, ScD, who was recently recognized by the ABIM Foundation as a winner of the Professionalism Article Prize for “The Role of Physicians in Controlling Medical Care Costs and Reducing Waste.”  Medical journals are full of articles and commentaries decrying the impending cost crisis in the delivery […]

Reflections on the ABIM Foundation Professionalism Article Prize

This year, the ABIM Foundation awarded the second annual Professionalism Article Prizes. Throughout 2011, Foundation staff tracked the medical professionalism literature, which was comprised of over 100 articles. We appreciate the work of the winning authors, along with all the authors who published articles on professionalism this year. The Professionalism Article Prize provides needed recognition […]

Recommended Reading June 2 – 8

Several new articles and blog posts discussing the importance of physician and patient conversations about appropriate care and the Choosing Wisely® campaign were published this week.  Here is a sampling, courtesy of this week’s Recommended Reading round-up: ABIM Foundation President and CEO Christine K. Cassel, MD applauds the physician response to the campaign in the […]

The Choosing Wisely® Campaign: What Can Be Learned from The Ride of Paul Revere

A few weeks ago, I was asked to participate on a WIHI Radio panel on the Choosing Wisely® campaign. Nervous about what I might have to contribute, I thought about connecting the campaign’s success to the story of Paul Revere as depicted in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a […]

Recommended Reading May 26 – June 1

The health care world has been abuzz this week about overtreatment. The latest Recommended Reading features several stories on the potential consequences of overdiagnosis and overtreatment of diseases: On The Incidental Economist blog, Aaron Carroll explains why, as a recent British Medical Journal piece shows, more diagnoses are not always a good thing. Authors of […]