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Monthly Archives: January, 2013

Physicians and Residents Climbing the Mt. Everest of Medical Waste

The ABIM Foundation’s “Putting the Charter into Practice” grant program is focused on advancing stewardship in health care delivery systems. In 2011, we awarded five grants of $20,000 each, and we’ve been excited to see the tremendous return on this investment.

Recommended Reading: January 18 – 25

The newest Recommended Reading post is a round-up of the latest Choosing Wisely® mentions: In “Doing Better by Doing Less: Approaches to Tackle Overuse of Services,” Robert Berenson and Elizabeth Docteur provide an overview of approaches to address unnecessary tests and procedures — including recommendations in the Choosing Wisely campaign — and offer suggestions for further […]

It Was Just a Cough: Wasteful and Potentially Harmful Medicine

Over the past year I’ve written much about the Choosing Wisely® campaign, but a recent personal experience serves as the inspiration for this post.

Choosing Wisely®: Can Stories and Emotions Produce Change?

At the recent annual meeting of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI), Fred Hafferty of the Mayo Clinic and I gave a presentation on the effect systems have on the professional behaviors of clinicians. I asked the 100 or so attendees if they thought intrinsic (i.e., personal satisfaction and mastery) or extrinsic (i.e., payment) motivators […]

Recommended Reading: January 11 – 18

The articles featured in this week’s Recommended Reading focus on identifying and addressing unprofessional behavior among physicians: Researchers recently presented vignettes of unprofessional online behavior to state medical boards to assess the likelihood that these behaviors would result in a state board investigation. Four of the vignettes had a high rate of consensus that the […]

Choosing Wisely: What’s Next?

Several professional organizations, regional collaboratives and health systems/hospitals are asking how they should approach the implementation of the Choosing Wisely® campaign recommendations.

Recommended Reading: January 4 – 11

The first Recommended Reading of 2013 features the latest articles addressing the problems of waste and overuse: In an Archives of Internal Medicine editorial, the authors assert that “there is much work to be done to overcome the bias toward overtreatment.” They cite the Choosing Wisely® campaign as an important step in reducing unnecessary tests […]