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Monthly Archives: February, 2013

Choosing Wisely®: We Have Just Begun

“The campaign has turned into a movement,” said Christine K. Cassel, CEO of the ABIM Foundation and American Board of Internal Medicine at the February 21st Choosing Wisely® announcement of 18 additional lists of tests physicians and patients should question. Since April 4, 2012, we have received tremendous gifts from the partners in the Choosing […]

Recommended Reading: February 16 – 22

This week’s Recommended Reading spotlights the release of a new round of Choosing Wisely® lists. This week, seventeen medical specialty societies each unveiled new lists of five medical tests, procedures or therapies which are commonly used but may not always be necessary: Choosing Wisely partner Consumer Reports featured the campaign in a recent blog post, […]

Choosing Wisely®: Continuing Conversations Between Physicians and Patients About Resource Use

In April 2012, the ABIM Foundation, Consumer Reports and nine courageous medical specialty societies launched the Choosing Wisely®campaign by announcing lists of tests and procedures that were prone to overuse and should be discussed between physicians and patients. Today, I’m proud to share that 17 societies are releasing new lists, totaling 90 new things that […]

Recommended Reading: February 9 – 15

This week’s Recommended Reading includes new articles by ABIM staff and Foundation Trustees, along with a study of common professionalism “dilemmas”: In the latest issue of Health Affairs, ABIM staff members Elizabeth Bernabeo and Eric Holmboe outline the competencies needed by patients, providers, and systems to achieve patient-centered care. Also in Health Affairs, ABIM Foundation […]

Where Do the Savings Go When Waste is Removed?

Recently, I spoke on a panel at a NEHI (New England Health Institute) Roundtable Discussion in Washington, DC on bending the cost curve. NEHI had released a list of actions that could reduce costs by more than $700 million and improve quality of care. Their recommendations included reducing medication errors, reducing antibiotic use, improving patient […]

Recommended Reading: February 2 – 8

Learn about efforts to incorporate cost-consciousness into medical education and training in the latest Recommended Reading: In “The Value in the Evidence: Teaching Residents to ‘Choose Wisely.’” Christopher Moriates and colleagues describe a curriculum created by University of California, San Francisco residents  to cultivate cost-consciousness and wise use of medical resources.  Putting the Charter into […]

There’s More To It Than Just Money

I highly recommend reading a recent report sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Urban Institute (the employer of the authors) by Robert Berenson and Elizabeth Docteur entitled Doing Better by Doing Less; Approaches to Tackle Overuse of Services. It is an excellent analysis of approaches that address the issue of inappropriate and […]

Recommended Reading: January 25 – February 1

Check out the latest articles on professionalism in medical schools and unnecessary care  in this week’s Recommended Reading: In “Creating a Longitudinal Environment of Awareness: Teaching Professionalism Outside the Anatomy Laboratory,” a fourth-year medical student reflects on the opportunities to teach professionalism in basic science courses in medical school. He argues that while educators have […]