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Author Archives: Stephen R. Smith

Putting the Charter into Practice Grantee: National Physicians Alliance

This is the second in a series of posts written by the ABIM Foundation’s Putting the Charter into Practice grantees, which describes their motivation to pursue projects related to stewardship of resources. I’ve been interested in good stewardship as long as I can remember. It must be connected to the admonishments of my parents not […]

Unnecessary EKGs – The Heart of the Matter

Sharon Begley’s cover story in the August 22nd edition of Newsweek begins with an anecdote about my own refusal for an EKG: “Dr. Stephen Smith…tells his doctor not to order…an annual electrocardiogram to screen for heart abnormalities….” To clarify, I didn’t object the first time an EKG was ordered by my primary care doctor, but […]

Bone of Contention

I recently consulted with an infectious disease specialist about a patient of mine who was having drenching night sweats, increasing pain and swelling in his left ankle, and a draining sinus in that same ankle. He had severely broken the ankle 10 years earlier and had screws and rods put in. He said that at […]