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Category Archives: Managing Resources

SOAP-V: Applying High-Value Care During Patient Care

This guest post was submitted by winners of the ABIM Foundation and Costs of Care Teaching Value and Choosing Wisely Challenge.  “It’s important to teach the principles of cost-conscious, high-value care, but how do we enable our medical students to actually practice it?” This question gripped our group of clinician educators gathered at the Millennium […]

Help Light the Path from Volume to Value: The Second Annual Teaching Value and Choosing Wisely Challenge

Clinicians are increasingly accountable for delivering better care at lower cost. Despite the rapid evolution of the health care system, many of us still feel left in the dark. Fortunately, there are beacons of light scattered across the United States.

The Necessity of Stewardship

This post was written by Dr. John Benson, Jr., President Emeritus, American Board of Internal Medicine and ABIM Foundation. The prospect of health care consuming 20% of the GDP by 2020 is unconscionable so corrective actions have enormous urgency.  There are some initiatives underway that address this issue and still others that need to happen […]

The Physician’s Role in Controlling Costs

It is with mixed emotion that I greet the results of an important survey in this week’s JAMA of over 2,400 physicians’ views on controlling health care costs. According to the results of the survey, when asked who has a “major responsibility” for controlling health care costs, 60% of surveyed physicians believe that trial lawyers […]

Recommended Reading: April 13 – 20

This week’s Recommended Reading features articles on stewardship of resources and online professionalism: Johns Hopkins researchers conducted a randomized-controlled trial to determine whether presenting cost data to providers when they ordered a test affected test ordering. They found that presenting this data to providers resulted in a modest decrease in test ordering. In a recent […]

Recommended Reading: February 22 – March 1

This week’s Recommended Reading features the latest articles on wise use of health care resources: The New York Times Well blog covered last week’s Choosing Wisely®press conference announcing the release of 90 more tests and procedures that physicians and patients should question. Jon Tilburt and ABIM/ABIM Foundation President & CEO Christine Cassel explain “Why the […]

Where Do the Savings Go When Waste is Removed?

Recently, I spoke on a panel at a NEHI (New England Health Institute) Roundtable Discussion in Washington, DC on bending the cost curve. NEHI had released a list of actions that could reduce costs by more than $700 million and improve quality of care. Their recommendations included reducing medication errors, reducing antibiotic use, improving patient […]

Recommended Reading: February 2 – 8

Learn about efforts to incorporate cost-consciousness into medical education and training in the latest Recommended Reading: In “The Value in the Evidence: Teaching Residents to ‘Choose Wisely.’” Christopher Moriates and colleagues describe a curriculum created by University of California, San Francisco residents  to cultivate cost-consciousness and wise use of medical resources.  Putting the Charter into […]

There’s More To It Than Just Money

I highly recommend reading a recent report sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Urban Institute (the employer of the authors) by Robert Berenson and Elizabeth Docteur entitled Doing Better by Doing Less; Approaches to Tackle Overuse of Services. It is an excellent analysis of approaches that address the issue of inappropriate and […]

Recommended Reading: Reflecting on the Choosing Wisely Journal Articles of 2012

Since nine medical specialty societies announced their lists of “Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question” in April, 55 published journal articles have referenced the Choosing Wisely® campaign. For the final Recommended Reading post of 2012, we’ve culled a selection of those articles, and will share more in the new year. In order of publication […]