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Category Archives: Physician Responsibility

Information Can Empower the Seriously Ill in a Powerless Situation

One of my relatives has metastatic cancer. He has several tumors in his body, one of which measures five centimeters. Two chemotherapy regimens have failed to beat back the disease. Yet, when he’s not in treatment and has no pain, he is able to go about the daily activities of his life, even going to […]

Purpose vs. Payment

The 2013 ABIM Foundation Forum was entitled “Purpose vs. Payment:  Motivating Change in Health Care.”  The title was, of course, a false dichotomy. Going into the meeting, I was pretty sure that the collective answer would be “both, of course!” But as the animated and spirited conversations among the participants continued over the three-day meeting, […]

ABIM Foundation Forum 2013 – Purpose vs. Payment: Motivating Change in Health Care

I recently received a call from Don Berwick, MD telling me how sorry he was to miss this year’s ABIM Foundation Forum. He has an important family engagement and he has a governor’s campaign in Massachusetts to run. While expressing his deep regret about not being able to attend, he said he would send me […]

The Physician’s Role in Controlling Costs

It is with mixed emotion that I greet the results of an important survey in this week’s JAMA of over 2,400 physicians’ views on controlling health care costs. According to the results of the survey, when asked who has a “major responsibility” for controlling health care costs, 60% of surveyed physicians believe that trial lawyers […]

Choosing Wisely®: Kinder Ways of Thinking About Resource Use

The goal of the Choosing Wisely campaign is to encourage conversations between patients and physicians about what tests and procedures are, or are not needed. We hope these conversations provide an opportunity to talk about the benefits and risks of tests and procedures, including potential harms for patients. Choosing Wisely is about thoughtful discussions and […]

American Health Care Depends on Rebuilding and Mobilizing Full Primary Care Team

Last week was National Primary Care Week and Primary Care Progress (PCP)’s co-founder and president calls all members of the primary care community to come together as a team both to deliver primary care and to advocate for it. Last week was National Primary Care Week, an annual celebration when members of the primary care […]

The Institute of Medicine’s Report – Best Care at Lower Cost: Changing the Paradigm and Creating a New Vision for Choosing Wisely® in U.S. Health Care

On September 6, 2012, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a long-awaited report: Best Care at Lower Cost: The Path to Continuously Learning Health Care in America. Recognizing that our health care system does not deliver the quality of care we would expect based on the tremendous financial resources allocated to it, the report focused […]

Recommended Reading: September 8 – 14

This edition of Recommended Reading includes articles on the impact of payment on physician professionalism, the role of professionalism in quality improvement, and the latest on the Choosing Wisely® campaign. A new article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal explores how payment models affect physician behavior. In the article, Putting the Charter into Practice grantee […]

Choosing Wisely: Harmonizing Clinical Guidelines to Improve Patient Care

When the original nine specialty societies were in the process of developing their recommendations as part of the Choosing Wisely® campaign, they asked ABIM Foundation staff how we would harmonize any that conflicted or appeared contradictory. Understanding the importance of each society’s contribution and respecting that they were the expert in their area, our response […]

The “Other” Physician and Patient Competencies—What’s all the Fuss?

What competencies are needed for physicians and patients/caregivers in the 21st century in order to achieve the triple aim – better patient experience, improved health of populations, and reduced cost in high-performing delivery systems?  This question was posed at the 2012 ABIM Foundation Forum, Choosing Wisely in an Era of Limited Resources.