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Category Archives: Primary Care

Advanced Primary Care Practice: Payment in Service of Professionalism

“There are many mechanisms for paying physicians; some are good and some are bad. The three worst are fee-for-service, capitation, and salary.” I first heard the above quote (attributed to health services researcher James Robinson) several years ago at a Foundation meeting on payment reform. While meant to be humorous, I often think of this […]

In Search of Joy in Practice

This post first appeared on KevinMD.com on May 20, 2013. A few years after I entered my practice as a newly certified internist, about two decades ago now, I started to burn out. I felt I was becoming a documentation drone and a guideline-following automaton. I was embarrassed for some of the care I gave–attempting […]

American Health Care Depends on Rebuilding and Mobilizing Full Primary Care Team

Last week was National Primary Care Week and Primary Care Progress (PCP)’s co-founder and president calls all members of the primary care community to come together as a team both to deliver primary care and to advocate for it. Last week was National Primary Care Week, an annual celebration when members of the primary care […]

Hope is On the Way for Primary Care Practice

At a March 12 conference sponsored by the ABIM Foundation, we heard descriptions on how primary care can and should be improved to: enhance the patient experience; improve quality and bring joy back into practice.

Putting Joy Into Practice: A Journey Into Primary Care

Dr. Christine Sinsky is on a mission to improve the work-life of primary care physicians and clinicians to improve care and attract physicians to primary care. A member of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Internal Medicine, Dr. Sinsky is a board certified internist who practices internal medicine at Medical Associates Clinic […]

Attracting Physicians to Primary Care

In 2010, David Reuben wrote that if primary care was to be once again an attractive specialty to pursue, simply increasing the reimbursement levels would not be enough. Rather, the working conditions and job content would also have to change. A strong primary care workforce is crucial to improving the quality of care in this […]

Compassionate Care Requires Compassionate Systems

In the article, “An Agenda For Improving Compassionate Care: A Survey Shows About Half of Patients Say Such Care Is Missing,” published in Health Affairs (September 2011, Vol. 30 No. 9), Beth Lowen et al. make a good case for the connection between compassionate care and quality outcomes and patient experiences. The authors also conclude […]

Part-Time Women

In a recent op-ed in The New York Times, Dr. Karen S. Sibert opines that female physicians working part-time are contributing to a physician shortage and are “not making full use of their training” and the societal resources invested in medical education and residency.  She also has the following message for current and aspiring female […]

Semper Paratus: How to Help Patients Make Better Decisions About Emergency Care

Unnecessary trips to the emergency department are expensive and disruptive for doctors and patients.  They are also fairly common.  Here is a patient’s perspective on the problem, courtesy of Jessie Gruman of the Center for Advancing Health.  In the spirit of “Show Me, Don’t Tell Me,” her post includes recommendations about how clinicians and others […]

Accountable Care Organizations Waltzing With Medical Professionalism

After the release of the proposed regulations last Thursday, it’s clearer what Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) will look like. They just might be the means to realize medical professionalism in the 21st century.