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The Medical Professionalism Blog

Recommended Reading: December 8 – 14

This week’s Recommended Reading contains a roundup of the latest articles on medical professionalism.

  • In a new JAMA commentary the authors examine the impact of duty hour restrictions on residents’ professionalism. They assert that trainees currently exhibit “nostalgic professionalism” by placing the needs of patients and the profession above personal well-being. The authors feel that “a new professionalism must be advanced that enables learners to exhibit a high degree of professionalism despite regulated shifts. This would differ from a nostalgic professionalism by helping residents recognize their limits as humans, emphasizing the importance of physicians’ health and alertness.”
  • An article by Susan McCammon, PhD and Howard Brody, MD, PhD examines the role of “virtue ethics” in medical professionalism. The authors draw on Aristotle’s definition of virtue as a quality that individuals have a natural capacity for, but is also reinforced through training.

Stay tuned for next week’s final Recommended Reading of the year, which will feature the top Choosing Wisely® articles from 2012.

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