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Recommended Reading: January 18 – 25

The newest Recommended Reading post is a round-up of the latest Choosing Wisely® mentions:

  • In “Doing Better by Doing Less: Approaches to Tackle Overuse of Services,” Robert Berenson and Elizabeth Docteur provide an overview of approaches to address unnecessary tests and procedures — including recommendations in the Choosing Wisely campaign — and offer suggestions for further reform.
  • The authors of the new JAMA commentary, “Mind the Outcomes,” found the experience of investigating and managing the costs of a pet’s recent illness much easier than managing their own health care costs. They state, “Until patients are educated and emboldened … to question the value of further testing, and until human health care clinicians include discussions of value with their diagnostic recommendations, it is hard to foresee how we can make similar progress in human medicine.” They cite Choosing Wisely as a potential motivator for physicians and patients to discuss the necessity of various tests and procedures.
  • An article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute explores the issue of conflicting cancer care guidelines, and cites the development of the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Choosing Wisely guidelines as an important step in harmonizing clinical guidelines.

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