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Recommended Reading: January 4 – 11

The first Recommended Reading of 2013 features the latest articles addressing the problems of waste and overuse:

1 Comment to Recommended Reading: January 4 – 11

  • Philip P. Bonanni, M.D.'s Gravatar Philip P. Bonanni, M.D.
    January 14, 2013 at 10:09 am | Permalink

    The fact that physicians are being asked to take a different approach to caring for patients using “yet to be proven” procedures and methods of reimbursement is what makes both implementing these new iniatives and monitoring them so difficult. We do not have a good solution; we do not have an acceptable solution. Many physicians are like the lemmings following each other on blind faith. This is not “evidenced based”— it is not “using scientific reasoning.” It has all the features of “how can I game the system.”? And, no matter how many safeguards and followups checking the documentation that we employ (another big cost factor that we shoudn’t have to use) we will not solve how to bring adequate health care to all. Other countries are far ahead of the USA when it comes to that. Perhaps, they are more “idealistic” or “humanistic” and less selfish and less motivated by competion and profit. One soltuion that would eliminate much waste and unnecessary cost is a universal payer system for all providers. one that is fair and equitable. No one is willing to put their fellow man on an equal basis with themself. No one is truly willing to treat someone else the way they’d like to be treated. And, so we will embark on another decade of “let’s try this”—it is not likely to succeed and it is also likely to change the personality and the humaneness of the care providers in the USA. Most people want a doctor to engae them in a doctor-patient relationship of sorts. Because these new techniques put everyone in the blender and computerize the effiency and link the reimbursement and then do a poor job of checking on who did what to whom—-But,were you satisfied??? it is not likely to succeed, but all caring doctors are willing to say “let’s give it a try. here we go again”! Philip Bonanni, M.D.

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