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The Medical Professionalism Blog

Recommended Reading: November 24 – 30

This week’s Recommended Reading features articles on low-value health care services in both the United States and Australia, along with a piece on emotional support for physicians coping with medical errors and adverse events:

  • In a new Archives of Internal Medicine article, the authors report that diagnostic tests are frequently repeated among Medicare beneficiaries. Such repeated testing “is a major risk factor for incidental detection and overdiagnosis” and limits the capacity of physicians to accept new patients. An accompanying commentary mentions Choosing Wisely® as one of a number of efforts to combat these types of unnecessary tests and procedures.
  • Several Australian researchers have developed a list of 150 health care services that have questionable benefit. They cite an international “groundswell of activity seeking to identify and reduce the use of health care interventions that deliver marginal benefit,” including Choosing Wisely, as an impetus for developing their list.
  • Authors of a recent Medical Education commentary urge residency programs to “care for the caregivers” by providing venues for residents and faculty to obtain support following involvement with an adverse event or medical error.

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