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The Medical Professionalism Blog

Recommended Reading: October 20–26

This week’s Recommended Reading features articles on Choosing Wisely ® and physician professionalism.

  • In “Choosing Wisely: Low-Value Services, Utilization, and Patient Cost Sharing,” researchers from the University of Pennsylvania reflect on the Choosing Wisely campaign and ask, “But if it is difficult in many situations for patients to choose wisely, and if there are significant challenges in getting physicians to choose wisely, then who should be doing the choosing?” The authors advocate for a multi-pronged approach to reducing unnecessary tests and procedures.
  • A new study in Social Science and Medicine examines medical professionalism among physicians in two Chinese hospitals. The authors find that the physicians have favorable attitudes towards professionalism, but their behaviors do not always reflect their attitudes.
  • Digital professionalism, which includes the use of Facebook and other social media sites, has become an increasingly important issue for residency programs. A recent article in Academic Radiology examines the impact of small-group reflection sessions on residents’ awareness of digital professionalism issues.

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