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Attracting Physicians to Primary Care

In 2010, David Reuben wrote that if primary care was to be once again an attractive specialty to pursue, simply increasing the reimbursement levels would not be enough. Rather, the working conditions and job content would also have to change. A strong primary care workforce is crucial to improving the quality of care in this […]

The Dark Side of Competition

The participants at the Madison meeting told us that the biggest barrier to collaboration was competition. One is hard-pressed to find a community where competition doesn’t rule the day. For the last 30 years, competition has been part of this country’s health care policy strategy to reduce costs and enhance quality. The theory is that […]

Show Me, Don’t Tell Me

In my experience, physicians are suspicious of health plans, hospitals and their own medical group when they hear talk about controlling costs of care. They immediately equate controlling costs with sacrificing quality and doing less for their patients. How can we get physicians involved in the issue of controlling costs without having them jump to […]

What Do Clouds Tell Us?

Word clouds have become useful tools to understand language people use to talk about various topics.  The larger and bolder the words in the cloud, the more frequently they are used.  The word cloud below shows the words physicians used when discussing stewardship of resources and issues related to costs.

Accountable Care Organizations Waltzing With Medical Professionalism

After the release of the proposed regulations last Thursday, it’s clearer what Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) will look like. They just might be the means to realize medical professionalism in the 21st century.