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Physician, Heal Thy Self

The third annual Professionalism Roundtable meeting, sponsored by the ABIM Foundation and the Mayo Clinic, focused on physician well-being and resiliency. Attendees included twenty-five leaders in the field of professionalism from 10 large health care systems. Mayo Clinic’s Tait Shanafelt, MD, presented some disturbing facts about physician burnout, physician dissatisfaction and its consequences for patients: […]

Choosing Wisely®: Can Stories and Emotions Produce Change?

At the recent annual meeting of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI), Fred Hafferty of the Mayo Clinic and I gave a presentation on the effect systems have on the professional behaviors of clinicians. I asked the 100 or so attendees if they thought intrinsic (i.e., personal satisfaction and mastery) or extrinsic (i.e., payment) motivators […]

Recommended Reading – February 6-10, 2012

As the ABIM Foundation embarks on its Choosing WiselyTM campaign, it hopes to stimulate conversations about the need to use resources wisely. This week’s JAMA Viewpoint, The Harms of Screening: New Attention to an Old Concern, discusses why limitations should be set on screenings—both to prevent harm to patients and manage resources. But how ready […]

Compassionate Care Requires Compassionate Systems

In the article, “An Agenda For Improving Compassionate Care: A Survey Shows About Half of Patients Say Such Care Is Missing,” published in Health Affairs (September 2011, Vol. 30 No. 9), Beth Lowen et al. make a good case for the connection between compassionate care and quality outcomes and patient experiences. The authors also conclude […]

Another Unintended Consequence of Clinical Performance Measures?

I highly recommend reading the “Less is More”  series in the Archives of Internal Medicine edited by Rita Redberg if you have not already done so. A recent article by Brenda Sirovich, et al, entitled “Too Little? Too Much? Primary Care Physicians’ Views on U.S. Health Care” included the results of a survey of primary […]

Eyes on the (Professionalism Article) Prize

The ABIM Foundation recently awarded inaugural Professionalism Article Prizes to three journal articles in the categories of Commentary/Perspective, Medical Education and Training and Professionalism in Practice. Congratulations to our winners, who were chosen by an esteemed selection committee comprised of a consumer representative, medical student and several physicians.

Will We Be Bold Enough?

The 150 individuals assembling at the 2011 ABIM Foundation Forum: Choosing Wisely: The Responsibility of Physicians, Patients and the Health Care Community in Building a Sustainable System are sure to have lots of excellent ideas about how to design a system that is affordable, without overuse, misuse and underuse.

What’s Culture Got To Do With It?

In my estimation, professionalism has a lot to do with personal values. Thus, when individuals or clinicians are aggregated into groups, their personal values form the base of their organization’s values and culture. It’s not surprising to this sociological-thinking individual when studies show that the differentiating factors between low- and high–performing institutional and ambulatory clinical […]