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In response to: Are docs Choosing Wisely?

On April 15th Jordan Rau of Kaiser Health News published a thoughtful article examining the Choosing Wisely campaign. This type of analysis is a critical part of the transparent, honest dialogue about the issues of unnecessary medical care that we have sought to encourage since launching the campaign. That said, we think it is unfortunately […]

Pharmacists: A Key Part of the Health Care Team

As part of my Master of Public Health degree, I completed my master’s thesis at an HIV/AIDS clinic in Philadelphia where I evaluated a program that helped patients adhere to their antiretroviral medications. A key part of this program was the clinic’s pharmacist, who provided ongoing medication counseling. It was the first time that I […]

Physician, Heal Thy Self

The third annual Professionalism Roundtable meeting, sponsored by the ABIM Foundation and the Mayo Clinic, focused on physician well-being and resiliency. Attendees included twenty-five leaders in the field of professionalism from 10 large health care systems. Mayo Clinic’s Tait Shanafelt, MD, presented some disturbing facts about physician burnout, physician dissatisfaction and its consequences for patients: […]

Choosing Wisely®: Clash of Cultures

In the past few months I have spoken about the Choosing Wisely® campaign to a large single hospital, academic medical centers at their grand rounds, a faith-based multi-site health system and a physician executive learning organization. What often surprises these audiences is hearing me say that Choosing Wisely is largely about professionalism and the social […]

A Consequence of Choosing Wisely®

In rural Maine, Choosing Wisely brought primary care and specialists together to discuss the recommendations – a positive, unintended consequence of the campaign.

Choosing Wisely: Harmonizing Clinical Guidelines to Improve Patient Care

When the original nine specialty societies were in the process of developing their recommendations as part of the Choosing Wisely® campaign, they asked ABIM Foundation staff how we would harmonize any that conflicted or appeared contradictory. Understanding the importance of each society’s contribution and respecting that they were the expert in their area, our response […]

You Say Consumer, I Say Patient: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

There has been a long debate among health care policy wonks, thought leaders, patient and consumer advocates, and the public about the use of the word “consumer” versus “patient.” Similar debates have ensued about the use of “provider” when referring to physicians, hospitals and other clinicians. I recently heard an interesting exchange between a physician […]

Will We Be Bold Enough?

The 150 individuals assembling at the 2011 ABIM Foundation Forum: Choosing Wisely: The Responsibility of Physicians, Patients and the Health Care Community in Building a Sustainable System are sure to have lots of excellent ideas about how to design a system that is affordable, without overuse, misuse and underuse.

Changes That Face the Nation and Madison

Two previous posts reflected on the meeting that convened in Madison, Wisconsin. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the current costs of health care and provide recommendations for building an economically sustainable system. I wrote about the “divided self” – the inner conflict between personal beliefs and actions – and competition as a […]

The Dark Side of Competition

The participants at the Madison meeting told us that the biggest barrier to collaboration was competition. One is hard-pressed to find a community where competition doesn’t rule the day. For the last 30 years, competition has been part of this country’s health care policy strategy to reduce costs and enhance quality. The theory is that […]