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Tag Archives: conflict of interest

Tackling Medical Professionalism in Football

The Super Bowl is upon is, and on Sunday much of the country will be busy watching the big game, eating 1.25 billion chicken wings, and of course critiquing the halftime show and commercials. While the Super Bowl is a great deal of fun, serious injuries can also occur. With that in mind, I wanted […]

Exemplifying Conflict of Interest Disclosure in MedEd

After graduating from college, I spent a year as an AmeriCorps volunteer at a Philadelphia-area clinic. Living on an AmeriCorps stipend is challenging, so I looked forward to the days when drug reps came to the office bearing pizza or sandwiches. I rationalized taking the lunches and occasional pens and sticky notes. Money was tight […]

Recommended Reading: November 30-December 6

I am going to confess something that may make me a pariah in the land of Eagles madness, not to mention among all of the fantasy football enthusiasts in our office. I don’t like football. Call me uptight, but it’s hard for me to kick back and enjoy a sport that causes significant brain damage […]

The Influence of Ownership on Human Behavior: “Feeding the Beast”

In his post “Unnecessary EKGs – the Heart of the Matter” (09.20.11), Dr. Stephen Smith wrote how owning a new EKG machine in his practice subconsciously motivated him to order more tests so he could justify the investment to his partner. He reaped no financial benefit from ordering more tests as he was paid on […]

Trust and Conflicts of Interest

In the wake of the recent government shutdown, I have been thinking a lot about the “trust” that needs to exist between the public and institutions, and what the repercussions of losing that trust are.

Recommended Reading: September 28-October 4

Catch up on noteworthy articles on conflicts of interest, unprofessional behavior and stewardship of resources in this week’s Recommended Reading: A medical student discusses the University of Colorado School of Medicine’s approach to managing faculty-industry relationships and how disclosure of these relationships to medical students would model professionalism. Authors from Case Western Reserve University School […]

Recommended Reading: Aug. 31 – Sept. 6

Catch up on the latest articles on stewardship of resources, physician burnout and conflicts of interest in medical education in this week’s Recommended Reading: In “Exploring Public Attitudes Towards Approaches to Discussing Costs in the Clinical Encounter,” patient focus groups reveal that “trusting relationships may be more conducive than any particular discussion strategy to facilitating doctor-patient discussions […]

Recommended Reading: August 17 – 23

Get the latest information on patient-centered care, stewardship of resources and conflicts of interest in this Recommended Reading installment: The report  Partnering with Patients to Drive Shared Decisions, Better Value, and Care Improvement  – Workshop Proceedings summarizes a February 2013 Institute of Medicine workshop that considered the central roles patients can play to bring about […]

Recommended Reading: April 20-26

This Recommended Reading installment features new articles on conflicts of interest, transitions of care and patient autonomy: The American Medical Student Association has released its 2013 PharmFree Scorecard, which issues letter grades to medical schools based on their conflict of interest policies. A Community Catalyst blog post provides highlights from this year’s PharmFree Scorecard and […]

Physician Skepticism About Industry-Funded Clinical Trials

In a recent New England Journal of Medicine article “A randomized study of how physicians interpret research funding disclosures” Dr. Kesselheim and colleagues found that internists harbor mistrust of industry-funded clinical trials. In his accompanying editorial, Dr. Jeffrey Drazen states that “how trials influence practice should be based on the quality of the information conveyed […]