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The “Other” Physician and Patient Competencies—What’s all the Fuss?

What competencies are needed for physicians and patients/caregivers in the 21st century in order to achieve the triple aim – better patient experience, improved health of populations, and reduced cost in high-performing delivery systems?  This question was posed at the 2012 ABIM Foundation Forum, Choosing Wisely in an Era of Limited Resources.

Impressions of 2012 ABIM Foundation Forum: Room with a View

The ABIM Foundation recently held its annual Forum: Choosing Wisely in an Era of Limited Resources with a group of 140 diverse participants, including: consumers, family caregivers, individuals with chronic conditions, physician leaders, medical educators, residents and students, practicing physicians, payers, purchasers, researchers, journal editors and policymakers. 

Recommended Reading: August 6 – 10

The 2012 ABIM Foundation Forum, “Choosing Wisely in an Era of Limited Resources” took place July 28 – 31. This week’s Recommended Reading includes a New England Journal of Medicine article based on the Forum’s keynote address, the Kimball Lecture, as well as pieces related to the Choosing Wisely® campaign. 2012 ABIM Foundation Forum Kimball […]

The 2012 ABIM Foundation Forum: Choosing Wisely in an Era of Limited Resources

One of the measures of success for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is how many of the 50 million get coverage. The sustainability of the health care system, and the political and economical viability of ACA, depends upon whether health care costs can be brought under control while ensuring quality and safety of care.