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The Medical Professionalism Blog

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Healthy as a Horse No More: My Recent Patient Experience

I knew that I would come to rue the day I wrote my post on my EKG claiming I was a healthy individual with no apparent illnesses. On November 3, I had my first surgery in 40 years – a procedure for a detached retina (vitrectomy with a scleral buckle and pneumatic retinopexy; I read […]

You Say Consumer, I Say Patient: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

There has been a long debate among health care policy wonks, thought leaders, patient and consumer advocates, and the public about the use of the word “consumer” versus “patient.” Similar debates have ensued about the use of “provider” when referring to physicians, hospitals and other clinicians. I recently heard an interesting exchange between a physician […]

The $640 Billion Question

On May 18, Victor R. Fuchs, PhD and Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH published a perspective in The New England Journal of Medicine, titled “The $640 Billion Question –Why Does Cost-Effective Care Diffuse So Slowly?”  I highly recommend reading it.

Semper Paratus: How to Help Patients Make Better Decisions About Emergency Care

Unnecessary trips to the emergency department are expensive and disruptive for doctors and patients.  They are also fairly common.  Here is a patient’s perspective on the problem, courtesy of Jessie Gruman of the Center for Advancing Health.  In the spirit of “Show Me, Don’t Tell Me,” her post includes recommendations about how clinicians and others […]

Accountable Care Organizations Waltzing With Medical Professionalism

After the release of the proposed regulations last Thursday, it’s clearer what Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) will look like. They just might be the means to realize medical professionalism in the 21st century.

Get Smart

In his recent New York Times Op-Ed, “Dumbing Deficits Down,” Paul Krugman ponders why some are vilifying strategies in health care that could “rein in health spending over the long term.” The three strategies he cites are: Investments in preventive health care Finding innovative ways to manage health care costs Finding out what works and […]

Welcome to The Medical Professionalism Blog

Introducing… the first post of “The Medical Professionalism Blog.” There is an increasing focus on the sustainability of the U.S. health care system based on current cost trends. Predictions are for the health care system to consume 19% of the GDP by 2019. How did we get here?