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Oregon Health & Science University: A Journey into Lean Health Care

Regular readers of this blog know I support the adoption of lean methodology to eliminate health care waste. So, it was with great pleasure that I accepted an invitation from Oregon Health & Science University’s (OHSU) Chief Medical Officer (and my friend), Chuck Kilo, to visit his academic medical center and speak about Choosing Wisely®. […]

Competition at #ABIMF2014 – What Did It Teach Us?

This year’s Forum, Rebooting the System for Service and Satisfaction, addressed elements of the clinical environment that foster or inhibit the quality of patient care and clinicians’ joy in practice. The 150 invitees, all leaders in health care, discussed the unintended consequences of health care technology—particularly electronic health records (EHRs)—on performance measurement and improvement. Based […]

Choosing Wisely® Summit: Activism and Common Ground

Last week, 21 sub-grantees of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation assembled at the Choosing Wisely Summit to learn from each other, advance skills to spread the awareness of the campaign and plan for the future. The event was a great success; I felt that all of the grantees were re-energized after sharing their stories and […]

Action on Antibiotic Overuse

Overuse of antibiotics represents a serious challenge facing the health care system. This week, a number of well-known organizations, inspired by the aims of the Choosing Wisely® campaign, came together to focus their efforts on this issue.

Reflections on the 2013 ABIM Foundation Forum

This year’s ABIM Foundation Forum – Purpose vs. Payment: Motivating Change in Health Care addressed what will motivate physicians and clinicians to transform medicine to achieve better quality outcomes, patient and physician satisfaction, and economic sustainability. Against the backdrop of the debates raging in Washington, DC over how to fix the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) […]

ABIM Foundation Forum 2013 – Purpose vs. Payment: Motivating Change in Health Care

I recently received a call from Don Berwick, MD telling me how sorry he was to miss this year’s ABIM Foundation Forum. He has an important family engagement and he has a governor’s campaign in Massachusetts to run. While expressing his deep regret about not being able to attend, he said he would send me […]

A Consequence of Choosing Wisely®

In rural Maine, Choosing Wisely brought primary care and specialists together to discuss the recommendations – a positive, unintended consequence of the campaign.

In Search of Joy in Practice

This post first appeared on KevinMD.com on May 20, 2013. A few years after I entered my practice as a newly certified internist, about two decades ago now, I started to burn out. I felt I was becoming a documentation drone and a guideline-following automaton. I was embarrassed for some of the care I gave–attempting […]

Incurable and Irreversible

My Argentinean mother-in-law is 95 years old and suffers from advancing dementia. She has lived with my sister-in-law for the last eight  years and both of her daughters are considered her caregivers. A person comes to the house for about seven hours a day to assist her in activities of daily living. After suffering what […]

Physicians and Residents Climbing the Mt. Everest of Medical Waste

The ABIM Foundation’s “Putting the Charter into Practice” grant program is focused on advancing stewardship in health care delivery systems. In 2011, we awarded five grants of $20,000 each, and we’ve been excited to see the tremendous return on this investment.