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Choosing Wisely® Videos are Worth a Thousand Words

The essence of the Choosing Wisely campaign has been captured in four short yet inspiring videos that are now available on the Choosing Wisely website. The videos provide another vehicle to express the tenets of the Choosing Wisely campaign. In them, 18 leaders in health care—all with diverse roles—articulate ways in which the campaign remains [...]

Teaching Choosing Wisely® in Medical Education and Training: The Story of a Pioneer

Steve Weinberger, MD, Executive Vice President of the American College of Physicians (ACP), has called for stewardship of resources to be considered a seventh competency of Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) because of its importance to quality, safety and affordability. While the widespread participation in [...]

Choosing Wisely® Abroad

I couldn’t be more pleased that the Choosing Wisely campaign is finding its way across international borders. Choosing Wisely Canada will be operational this fall under the umbrella of the Canadian Medical Association and guided by the University of Toronto. At least eight Canadian specialty societies will release lists of five tests and procedures to [...]

The Necessity of Stewardship

This post was written by Dr. John Benson, Jr., President Emeritus, American Board of Internal Medicine and ABIM Foundation. The prospect of health care consuming 20% of the GDP by 2020 is unconscionable so corrective actions have enormous urgency.  There are some initiatives underway that address this issue and still others that need to happen [...]

Well-Being, Job Satisfaction and Professionalism

Some people feel dread as the work week looms. Others find it hard to engage in their daily tasks. Everyone suffers from work stress from time to time, but ongoing stress can erode well-being and lead to burnout. With physician burnout, there can be severe consequences for both physician well-being and patient care. Health care [...]

Pharmacists: A Key Part of the Health Care Team

As part of my Master of Public Health degree, I completed my master’s thesis at an HIV/AIDS clinic in Philadelphia where I evaluated a program that helped patients adhere to their antiretroviral medications. A key part of this program was the clinic’s pharmacist, who provided ongoing medication counseling. It was the first time that I [...]

Tackling Medical Professionalism in Football

The Super Bowl is upon is, and on Sunday much of the country will be busy watching the big game, eating 1.25 billion chicken wings, and of course critiquing the halftime show and commercials. While the Super Bowl is a great deal of fun, serious injuries can also occur. With that in mind, I wanted [...]

Medical Professionalism Literature: Reflections on 2013 and a Wish List for 2014

The start of a new year marks the kickoff of the ABIM Foundation’s annual Professionalism Article Prize selection process.  As the staff person in charge of compiling the previous year’s professionalism articles, this project gives me an opportunity to see the depth and breadth of the professionalism literature. We are in our fourth year of [...]

Choosing Wisely®: A Stunning Moment

Every time I am invited to speak about the Choosing Wisely campaign, I ask the audience to raise their hands if they have witnessed or heard of unnecessary care delivered to patients, themselves and/or their family members. Usually, about three-quarters of them raise their hands. I then ask if they have witnessed or heard of [...]

Choosing Wisely: It’s About the Conversation

Since its launch in April 2012, the Choosing Wisely® campaign’s focus has always been on the conversation between physicians and patients about overuse and tests and procedures that may often do more harm than good. Trying to change the public’s mind that more care does not always equal better care is a huge challenge. Short [...]