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Tag Archives: patient-centered care

For Patient-Centered Care, Check the (Road) Map

We all talk about “patient-centered care” without having a clear vision or definition of what it is or means. Thus I was honored to have the ABIM Foundation be one of the many organizations the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the American Institutes for Research (AIR) convened to develop a roadmap for patient and […]

Choosing Wisely®: The Trials and Tribulations of Patients Against Waste

In last week’s New York Times article by Elisabeth Rosenthal, “Patients’ Costs Skyrocket; Specialists’ Income Soar,” we read about the plight of Kim Little, who lives 30 miles from Little Rock, Arkansas. She felt like a hostage when she was told she needed plastic surgery for the removal of non-cancerous mole instead of just a few […]

Incurable and Irreversible

My Argentinean mother-in-law is 95 years old and suffers from advancing dementia. She has lived with my sister-in-law for the last eight  years and both of her daughters are considered her caregivers. A person comes to the house for about seven hours a day to assist her in activities of daily living. After suffering what […]

Recommended Reading: February 9 – 15

This week’s Recommended Reading includes new articles by ABIM staff and Foundation Trustees, along with a study of common professionalism “dilemmas”: In the latest issue of Health Affairs, ABIM staff members Elizabeth Bernabeo and Eric Holmboe outline the competencies needed by patients, providers, and systems to achieve patient-centered care. Also in Health Affairs, ABIM Foundation […]

Questioning the Price

Costs of Care (Twitter: @CostsOfCare), where this post was originally published, is a Boston-based, non-profit organization that helps caregivers deflate medical bills and provide high value care. As part of the 2011 Costs of Care Essay Contest, more than 100 anecdotes were shared by patients and providers around the country that illustrate the role of cost-awareness […]

Healthy as a Horse No More: My Recent Patient Experience

I knew that I would come to rue the day I wrote my post on my EKG claiming I was a healthy individual with no apparent illnesses. On November 3, I had my first surgery in 40 years – a procedure for a detached retina (vitrectomy with a scleral buckle and pneumatic retinopexy; I read […]