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Social Justice and Choosing Wisely®: Radical Idea or Basic Tenet?

This past April, the Choosing Wisely campaign celebrated its second anniversary. As is the case with the passing of any milestone, I have been reflecting on what the campaign has achieved and what we have yet to accomplish. It also made me take stock of the environment in which we incubated this concept and launched […]

Teaching Professionalism: What are the Best Ways of Understanding Medical Professionalism?

I am pleased to announce the publication of a new textbook sponsored by the ABIM Foundation entitled Understanding Professionalism, written by Shiphra Ginsberg, MD, Fred Hafferty, PhD, Foundation trustee Wendy Levinson, MD, and former trustee Catherine Lucey, MD. While the book’s subject matter is not new to medical education curricula, the way it presents professionalism […]

Action on Antibiotic Overuse

Overuse of antibiotics represents a serious challenge facing the health care system. This week, a number of well-known organizations, inspired by the aims of the Choosing Wisely® campaign, came together to focus their efforts on this issue.

Choosing Wisely® Abroad

I couldn’t be more pleased that the Choosing Wisely campaign is finding its way across international borders. Choosing Wisely Canada will be operational this fall under the umbrella of the Canadian Medical Association and guided by the University of Toronto. At least eight Canadian specialty societies will release lists of five tests and procedures to […]

Well-Being, Job Satisfaction and Professionalism

Some people feel dread as the work week looms. Others find it hard to engage in their daily tasks. Everyone suffers from work stress from time to time, but ongoing stress can erode well-being and lead to burnout. With physician burnout, there can be severe consequences for both physician well-being and patient care. Health care […]

Recommended Reading: November 9-15

For some time, the ABIM Foundation has featured a weekly Recommended Reading post containing brief descriptions of several recent articles on medical professionalism. We wanted to change the format of this weekly post to focus on a single recent article and discuss its significance in the field of medical professionalism. As we go forward, we […]

Recommended Reading: May 11—17

Get caught up on the latest articles on professionalism in this week’s Recommended Reading: The author of a new JAMA Internal Medicine commentary discusses how physician specialty societies are dealing with costs. He notes that addressing cost is part of the Physician Charter, which calls on physicians to “be committed to working with other physicians, […]

Recommended Reading: March 30 – April 5

Catch up on the latest literature on professionalism in medical education in this week’s Recommended Reading: The authors of “e-Professionalism: A New Frontier in Medical Education” discuss the challenges posed by e-professionalism, which they define as “attitudes and behaviors that reflect traditional professionalism paradigms but are manifested through digital media.” The study “Narrative medicine as […]

Why Professionalism Matters: A Patient’s Point of View

As an employee of the ABIM Foundation, I’ve batted around the phrase “medical professionalism” for several years but it didn’t really hit home for me until I encountered it – and the lack thereof – as a patient. Over the past six months, I’ve logged a few miles in the frequent patient program. I underwent […]

There’s More To It Than Just Money

I highly recommend reading a recent report sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Urban Institute (the employer of the authors) by Robert Berenson and Elizabeth Docteur entitled Doing Better by Doing Less; Approaches to Tackle Overuse of Services. It is an excellent analysis of approaches that address the issue of inappropriate and […]