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Forum 2013: What Makes You Go to Work Every Day?

Although the focus of the 2013 ABIM Foundation Forum – Purpose vs. Payment: Motivating Change in Health Care (#ABIMF2013) is not solely on payment systems, I have no doubt that a majority of conversations surrounding the topic at hand will revolve around it. It’s a hard subject to get away from. In preparation for the […]

Recommended Reading: February 9 – 15

This week’s Recommended Reading includes new articles by ABIM staff and Foundation Trustees, along with a study of common professionalism “dilemmas”: In the latest issue of Health Affairs, ABIM staff members Elizabeth Bernabeo and Eric Holmboe outline the competencies needed by patients, providers, and systems to achieve patient-centered care. Also in Health Affairs, ABIM Foundation […]

Recommended Reading: December 8 – 14

This week’s Recommended Reading contains a roundup of the latest articles on medical professionalism. In a new JAMA commentary the authors examine the impact of duty hour restrictions on residents’ professionalism. They assert that trainees currently exhibit “nostalgic professionalism” by placing the needs of patients and the profession above personal well-being. The authors feel that […]

Recommended Reading: October 27 – November 2

Here’s the latest medical professionalism articles in this week’s Recommended Reading: In Medical Professionalism, Revenue Enhancement, and Self-Interest: An Ethically Ambiguous Association, the author argues that the medical professionalism literature “should distinguish permissible and impermissible self-interested actions” by physicians.  He believes that financial incentives such as pay-for-performance are permissible but are not a substitute for […]

Recommended Reading: October 20–26

This week’s Recommended Reading features articles on Choosing Wisely ® and physician professionalism. In “Choosing Wisely: Low-Value Services, Utilization, and Patient Cost Sharing,” researchers from the University of Pennsylvania reflect on the Choosing Wisely campaign and ask, “But if it is difficult in many situations for patients to choose wisely, and if there are significant challenges […]

Recommended Reading: September 15 – 21

This week’s Recommended Reading focuses on the latest findings in assessing medical professionalism and assuring the provision of high-value health care. In “Assessment of professionalism: A consolidation of current thinking” the authors provide a review of the literature on professionalism assessment in medical education. They conclude that professionalism is best assessed longitudinally and “requires assessing […]