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Recommended Reading: May 11—17

Get caught up on the latest articles on professionalism in this week’s Recommended Reading: The author of a new JAMA Internal Medicine commentary discusses how physician specialty societies are dealing with costs. He notes that addressing cost is part of the Physician Charter, which calls on physicians to “be committed to working with other physicians, […]

Recommended Reading: April 6 – 12

Catch up on the latest Choosing Wisely® articles in this week’s Recommended Reading: In The Recent Reversal of the Growth Trend in MRI: A Harbinger of the Future?, the authors report that MRI utilization rose sharply from 1998 to 2008 then declined from 2008 to 2010. They cite a number of possible causes for the […]

Recommended Reading: February 22 – March 1

This week’s Recommended Reading features the latest articles on wise use of health care resources: The New York Times Well blog covered last week’s Choosing Wisely®press conference announcing the release of 90 more tests and procedures that physicians and patients should question. Jon Tilburt and ABIM/ABIM Foundation President & CEO Christine Cassel explain “Why the […]

Recommended Reading: February 16 – 22

This week’s Recommended Reading spotlights the release of a new round of Choosing Wisely® lists. This week, seventeen medical specialty societies each unveiled new lists of five medical tests, procedures or therapies which are commonly used but may not always be necessary: Choosing Wisely partner Consumer Reports featured the campaign in a recent blog post, […]

Recommended Reading: February 9 – 15

This week’s Recommended Reading includes new articles by ABIM staff and Foundation Trustees, along with a study of common professionalism “dilemmas”: In the latest issue of Health Affairs, ABIM staff members Elizabeth Bernabeo and Eric Holmboe outline the competencies needed by patients, providers, and systems to achieve patient-centered care. Also in Health Affairs, ABIM Foundation […]

Recommended Reading: January 18 – 25

The newest Recommended Reading post is a round-up of the latest Choosing Wisely® mentions: In “Doing Better by Doing Less: Approaches to Tackle Overuse of Services,” Robert Berenson and Elizabeth Docteur provide an overview of approaches to address unnecessary tests and procedures — including recommendations in the Choosing Wisely campaign — and offer suggestions for further […]

Recommended Reading: November 24 – 30

This week’s Recommended Reading features articles on low-value health care services in both the United States and Australia, along with a piece on emotional support for physicians coping with medical errors and adverse events: In a new Archives of Internal Medicine article, the authors report that diagnostic tests are frequently repeated among Medicare beneficiaries. Such […]

Recommended Reading: November 10 – 16

Catch up on the latest articles on medical professionalism in this week’s Recommended Reading: A new article in Health Affairs discusses the development of the Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment Module (TEAM), a tool for physicians to evaluate how they perform as part of an interprofessional patient care team. This research was funded in part by the ABIM […]

Recommended Reading: October 27 – November 2

Here’s the latest medical professionalism articles in this week’s Recommended Reading: In Medical Professionalism, Revenue Enhancement, and Self-Interest: An Ethically Ambiguous Association, the author argues that the medical professionalism literature “should distinguish permissible and impermissible self-interested actions” by physicians.  He believes that financial incentives such as pay-for-performance are permissible but are not a substitute for […]

Recommended Reading: October 6 – 12

This week’s Recommended Reading includes articles on key professionalism tenets, including avoidance of conflicts of interest and wise use of health care tests and procedures. Authors of a new JAMA commentary cite the Choosing Wisely® campaign as one of several recent initiatives addressing the physician’s role in health care expenditures. They then call for a […]